Residential Property

Residential Property: We offer a full-range of residential real estate investment placements for short-term and long-term investments. All of our investments are in residential property. We have opportunity to purchase distressed properties for a vast array of reasons (i.e., property is blighted, it is been condemned, is escheated, is in the foreclosure process, etc.). Our exit strategies with any given property are upon several factors. There are three typical exit strategies; wholesale, retail, or buy and hold.

  • Single-Family Residential Redevelopment. Our single family residential redevelopment are the classic “fix-and-flip” properties. We typically will either wholesale the property or offer the property to the retail market after rehab. Single family is usually the entry point for those seeking to invest in real estate and it is always proven to be a great investment for us.
  • “Multi-Unit” (1-4) Residential Family. The benefit to residential multi-family is rent generation. Cost of rent is up and rent income is passive income. Duplexes, Triples and Fourplex units serve as a great bridge from single family residence to commercial apartment complexes. Redevelopment of the property is very manageable and the property will product rents.
  • Commercial residential (e.g., commercial apartment complexes (5+ Units)). These properties are typically a longer process. The redevelopment project also takes longer as there is undoubtedly almost always occupancy. We often find that many these properties are non-performing or perform poorly in part (or entirely) due to management. Apartments are a great investment tool for those looking to build a large portfolio and increase passive income quickly.

In real estate every deal is different but some of the things will always remain the same. We leverage this fact and use our knowledge, systems and relationships to generate properties that offer a high margin rate of returns which affords to pay our investors more. All of our properties under management utilize property management services, a service that West 1 Equity does not provide.

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Consulting & Advisory Services

Consulting & Advisory Services: West 1 Equity is able to leverage our team of highly qualified, multidisciplinary professionals to provide independent objective analysis and legal consultation through all market cycles specific to our asset class and geographical expertise, viz., California and applicable Federal law.

Our advisory and consulting services include, but are not limited to the following: Negotiation support, Transaction structuring and restructuring, contract construction, acquisition (be it cooperative, or hostile), due-diligence, valuation; loss mitigation, adverse possession, fraud, slander of title matters, chain of title matters, Davis-Stirling compliance, non-judicial and judicial foreclosure, and wide array of legal matters related to state and Federal legal compliance regulations. We offer comprehensive advice both pre-sale and post-sale.

Our real estate consulting services help our clients maximize the value of their real estate  holdings, and make important decisions with confidence.

Blight Remediation

Blight Remediation: West 1 Equity works with various non-profit organizations and municipals to mitigate or remediate blight throughout the communities we acquire properties in. Neighborhood blight and the presence of vacant properties have profound negative impacts on afflicted communities. Blighted properties decrease surrounding property values, erode the health of local housing markets, pose safety hazards, and reduce local tax revenue.

West 1 Equity also recognized the need for affordable housing throughout California. Through various tax policies, programs and government incentives we are able to acquire residential property, redevelop the property and provide affordable housing to those who need it.

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