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Real estate investing is a great method to build wealth. There has never been a better day than today to prepare for your future. West 1 Equity is here to help you increase your wealth, create passive income and build your financial security for tomorrow.

At West 1 Equity we strive to offer more than our competition. We offer complete transparency on your investor accounts and all property transactions. We offer flexible structuring terms. We have a long and proven track record of success. We ensure your investment is always secured against the property. We have strict practices, policies and processes that we follow to ensure your investment is secure. More than anything we offer a very generous return on investment to our financial partners.

Our objective is to make investing with us easy for our investment partners.

Investing is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Contact us to discuss the your investing objectives, terms and conditions.
  2. We structure your investment.
  3. Place your investment and watch your investment grow!

We currently have multiple projects and placements available for our new investment partners.

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Why Invest In Real Estate?

Here are some of the many reasons to invest with us:

Substantial return on investment

The more Information: West 1 Equity offers eight to twelve percent (8-12%) return on investment depending upon amount of investment, asset class; term of investment; and position of investment; other terms and conditions may apply.  

Secured Investments

All acquisitions at Wes 1 Equity that are funded by investor money are secured with a deed of trust and/or assignment of rents. The investment is backed by the property. Upon exit of our “fix and flips”, or “buy and list” properties our investors are paid directly from escrow. If our investor is partnered in a “buy and hold” rental property then the investor by a third party controller and/or property management company. Our practices and procedures ensure that the investor are paid. West 1 Equity has never defaulted or failed to perform on any investment.

Investor Protection
  1. Today’s world can be litigious place and while West 1 Equity has never been a defendant in any action we still want to ensure protection. Policies, practices and procedures are in place for protection in the unlike event we are involved in a[ny] litigation. Practices include in part: Our acquisitions are conducted by a subsidiary company to mitigate any exposure to West 1 Equity. We protect the identity of our investors Our investors remain anonymous to the public and other investors alike. We maintain general counsel and have specialty defense counsel ready to defend our company and investors. Legal acquisitions are conducted by our general counsel, other acquisition are reviewed by our general counsel. We indemnify all our core team members and investors.
  2. Proven track record of success.
  3. If you are considering investing in real estate it is vital you invest with someone that has knowledge and experience. Mistakes and inexperience cost money: Don not invest with someone that cannot prove their experience. From the basic “fix and flips” or “buy and list” to the protracted litigation acquisition, the core personnel have done it. With our track record we are able to evidence the various types acquisition we have conducted and that are currently underway.  


Command knowledge of our markets and industry subsets

West 1 Equity and its core management believe that we should only work in real estate markets that we know. And we know these markets well. This gives us a upper-hand against our competition that invests anywhere they can. We further believe in staying with what we know. We do not deviate from those industry subsets. Specifically, we only focus on residential real estate. Decades of experience in these markets and subsets afford our core personnel command knowledge and a competitive edge over our competition.

Complete 24/7/365 transparency on your money

West 1 Equity is proud to offer transparency on your investment. When your investment is put to work we want complete transparency between the investor how the investment funds are being used. Through our banking institution we can offer an account that permits our investor to log-in via the internet and view the funds and activity on the account.

Ability to decide asset class

West 1 Equity is involved in various residential acquisitions. While we commonly invest in single family unit properties, we also offer two to four unit and multi-unit investments. We even offer smaller investments in condominium units. We give our investors the opportunity to invest in our basic “fix and flips” or “buy and list” and our “buy and hold” properties.

Large margin Acquisitions

West 1 Equity does not acquire any property in the retail market. We maintain our strict buying criteria when conducting our acquisitions. We prefer properties that do not have competition and are beyond the skill-sets of our competition, in turn we are afforded larger margins. We leverage our knowledge and experience when purchasing heavily destressed acquisitions. When we do engage in the purchase we believe that negotiation is an art. We believe that our profits are made at the purchase of a property not upon the sale of the property.

Experienced & knowledgeable staff

West 1 Equity stays with what we know works. The core team of West 1 Equity has the combined experience of a nearly a hundred years. The core team are experts in their relative fields. The knowledge and experience is evident from the very conversation.

Exclusive off market deals

West 1 Equity only purchases assets that are unavailable to the public. All our acquisitions are “off market”. We do this for several reasons. Moreover, we have enough leads on assets from our dedicated systems, personnel and internal lead generation practices. We have never purchased a property from the MLS and likely never will.

As a lean company we ensure operating costs are low

The nature of this business does not require a “top-heavy” business. While we operate with text book business practices we are a small and lean company. This affords us the ability to keep our costs low. A good deal on a property will sell quickly. Because we are a small business when we find a deal we are able to move quickly. Being a small and lean company allows us to leverage time.

We will never acquire a property sight unseen

Our boots are on the ground. This is a massive and often over looked responsibility for many of our competitors. We believe that every property that utilizes investor money should be inspected firsthand. This helps us in several ways but, we firmly believe until the property is inspected problems can and likely will be unseen. Moreover, conducting our site inspection helps us us mitigate risk to our investments and our investors alike.

If interested in the details of investing with West 1 Equity or if you have questions we would warmly welcome a conversation. Please feel free to call us, text us or email us.


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